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history of development



The company "LED technologies Ukraine" was founded 10 October 2009 and now itis one of the leading companies in the Ukrainian market of LED technology. This position is ensured by a combination of advanced technologies, know-how and organization of a systematic approach in search of new market opportunities.

The strategic goal of the companyimplementation of lighting technology industrial cycle and increasing the market share of the company on the world market. 

Our company offers modern solutions: lighting streets and highways; architectural lighting of buildings and structures; office lighting.During the company’s functioning it has taken a leading position by offering its customers creative and cost effective solutions in the field of LED lighting.

"LED technologies Ukraine" engaged by highly professional specialists, who have vast experience in the field of microelectronics and come up with the best solutions for the company. Among the company’s staff there are Doctor of Engineering Sciences, and Candidates of Science. Employees professionally and efficiently develop and implement LED technology as production batch and special orders.

Currently, the company is a member of the Association of Producers of LED technology. The company also participates in the implementation of the State target scientific and technical program "Development and implementation of energy-efficient LED light sources and lighting systems based on them", and the State Program "Research and development in the field of instrumentation and electronics."